Smoky Mirror Biography

corvin as smoky mirror face

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Smoky Mirror, the illustrious side project of the renowned German-Hungarian DJ, producer, and remixer, Corvin Dalek. Focused on delivering an unparalleled deep organic house music experience, Smoky Mirror blends the vibrant rhythms of ethno, oriental, and afro styles into a seamless auditory journey. Originating in 2009, the project was initially conceived by Corvin Dalek to accompany the soundtrack of his own unreleased film, drawing inspiration from the teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz, a revered Toltec spiritual healer. The project’s name, Smoky Mirror, evokes the mystical essence of a Nagual, imbued with deep, spiritual melodic emotions that resonate with listeners on a profound level.

The discography of Smoky Mirror, primarily released under Corvin’s own label, Fummelerum Company, showcases a rich array of remixes for artists such as Temor Hamid, Majed, True Anomaly, and Brajan, among others. In 2022, Corvin Dalek revitalized Smoky Mirror, infusing it with new life through the production of deep organic house tracks characterized by his signature driving grooves and infectious melodies. His exceptional DJ skills further come to the forefront in his weekly DJ mix series, available on this website, where he curates a spellbinding selection of sounds that embody the heart and soul of the organic house genre.

Each piece of music from Smoky Mirror is crafted with unparalleled passion, showcasing Corvin’s individual prowess and dedication. Together, these creations form a vast aural landscape, a mesmerizing puzzle within the expansive universe of organic house music. Join the journey of Smoky Mirror and experience the magic of deep organic house music, where every beat, melody, and rhythm tells a story of mystique, spirituality, and sonic wonder.