corvin as smoky mirror face

Beyond Smoky Mirror is the German-Hungarian DJ and Producer, Remixer Corvin Dalek. Smoky Mirror is his complementary side project for deep organic house music, catching the ethno, oriental and afro style. The project was launched around 2009, when Corvin produced the soundtrack for his own (never released) movie. The name was inspired by Don Miguel Ruiz, a Toltec spiritual healer during his Mexican trips, because the sounds was like coming from a Nagual, deep mystic with a touch of spiritual melodic emotions.

Smoky Mirror has released mostly on Corvins label Fummelerum Company, where he remixed other artists like Temor Hamid, Majed, True Anomaly, Brajan as well, to name the few. Since 2022 has Corvin launched again the project and started to producing deep organic house music with his typical driving grooves and catchy melodies. His DJ skills are very present in the series of the weekly DJ mixes, which he releasing on this website. All the works of Smoky Mirror are passionate worked out with a loads of heart power, individual skills and build all together one big aural puzzle in the ocean of the entire organic house universe.